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China History
Prehistoric Times 1.7 million years - the 21st century BC
  For thousands of years, questions regarding the origin of the heavens, the earth and man have puzzled people all over the world. In western countries, the Judaic tradition taught that "God create...
Xia Dynasty 21st - 16th century BC
  At the later period of the Primitive Society, the Abdication System was widely used by the tribes. When Yu the Great became old, he had planned to abdicate his throne to Boyi, who had assisted him in ...
Shang Dynasty 16th - 11th century BC
  The Shang was the second hereditary dynasty in China. It lasted almost six hundred years with thirty-one kings over seventeen generations.Shang used to be an old tribe lived in the lower reach of the ...
Zhou Dynasty Western Zhou (11th century BC - 711 BC) Eastern Zhou ---- Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC - 476 BC) ---- Warring States Period (476 BC - 221 BC)
  The Golden Age of Wuding did not continue for very long after his death. During the following reigns, especially while Diyi and Dixin were in power, internal social conflict became more serious and ne...
Qin Dynasty 221 BC - 206 BC
  The king of the Qin state, Yinzheng, conquered the other six dukes through ten years of wars and brought an end to the riotous Warring States Period (476 BC - 221 BC) in 221 BC. He built up the Qin Dy...
Han Dynasty Western Han (206 BC - 24 AD) Eastern Han (25 - 220)
  At the end of the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC), a present army led by Liu Bang conquered the Xianyang City in 207 BC, putting an end to the despotic period.After four years war with his rival, Xiangyu, Li...
Three Kingdoms Period 220 - 280
  After the quelling of the Yellow Turbans Uprising of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD), local warlords and tyrants sprung up everywhere in struggle for the control over the country. Among them, the ...
Jin Dynasty Western Jin (265 - 316) Eastern Jin (317 - 420)
  At the end of the Three Kingdoms Period (220-260), Sima family became prominent in the Wei King. In 265 AD, Sima Yan usurped the power and founded a new dynasty Jin. Jin was historically divided into ...
Northern and Southern Dynasties Northern Dynasties (386 - 581) Southern Dynasties (420 - 589)
  After the Eastern Jin Dynasty, there concurred many rivaling regimes over the country. China was torn apart into the confronting north and south. It was the time that saw the highest frequency of the ...
Sui Dynasty 581 - 618
  By the end of the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-589), China had witnessed disunity and chaos for about 270 years.In 577, the Northern Zhou conquered the Northern Qi and reunified the North Chin...
Tang Dynasty 618 - 907
  Yang, the second and last emperor of the Sui Dynasty (581 - 618) proved to be unpopular due to his tyranny. Unrest amongst the population was rife due to the heavy toll on life through such projects a...
Five Dynasties and Ten States Five Dynasties ---- Later Liang (907 - 923) ---- Later Tang (923 - 936) ---- Later Jin (936 - 946) ---- Later Han (947 - 951) ---- Later Zhou (951 - 960) Ten States (902 - 979)
  The magnificent empire that had existed from 618AD under the rule of the Tang Emperors finally collapsed in 907 AD. With the inevitable decline brought about through misrule, court intrigues and econo...
Song Dynasty Northern Song (960 - 1127) Southern Song (1127 - 1279
  In political terms, the fall of the Tang Dynasty (681-907) and the resultant disintegration of the empire did not mean a sharp break with the past. The Five Dynasties all aspired to the reunification ...
Liao Dynasty 916 --- 1125
  The Liao Dynasty was a regime established by the Khitan tribe (Qidan). The Khitan ethnic group was an ancient nomadic tribe that lived in Northern China. They were first mentioned in historical record...
Jin Dynasty 1115 --- 1234
  The Jin (or Kin) Dynasty was a regime established by the Jurchen (Nuzhen) tribe. The founder was Wanyan Aguda. The Dynasty was headed by nine successive emperors and reigned for 120 years. Establishme...
Yuan Dynasty 1271 --- 1368
  During the 13th Century a great leader, Temujin, was to emerge from among the nomadic tribes of the Mongolian steppes. These tribesmen occupied the area between the northern Daxing'an Mountains and th...
Ming Dynasty 1368 --- 1644
  Mongol rule in China was brought to an end after civil war among Mongol princes and an increasing conversion to the sedentary Chinese way of life that robbed the Mongol military machine of much of its...
Qing Dynasty 1644 --- 1911
  The Qing Dynasty, which was founded by the Jurchen (Manchu) people, was the second ethnic group to rule the whole of China. It is also the last feudal dynasty in Chinese history. It was during this pe...
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