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Heilongjiang - Harbin - Profile in Harbin, HeilongjiangHeilongjiang Harbin Profile
Harbin City
Harbin City: 
Heilongjiang - Harbin; 
Profile in Harbin, Heilongjiang Location: located between 4545' north latitude and 12638' east longitude; at the southwest of Heilongjiang province; at the bank of the Songhuajiang River; in Southern Songnen Plain
Neighboring Areas: Jilin province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Physical Features: low and plain, with average altitude of 150 to 200 meters

Population: 9.63 million
Urban Population: 3.37 million
Area: 53,067 sq km

Nationalities: Han, Hui, Manchu, Korean, Dawoer, Elungchu, Hezhe, Keerkezi, Elunchun and Mongolian

History: the cradle of the Jin and Qing dynasty; used to be a international commercial city early in the 20th century

Climatic Features: located in the temperate zone; continental climate; long winters and short summers

Average Temperature: 4C annually
Rainfall: annually average precipitation of 600mm; concentrated on June, July and August

Mountains: Mt. Erlongshan, Mt. Songfengshan, Mt. Daqingshan, Mt. Xiaoxing'anling and Mt.Yilehulishan

Rivers: Songhuajiang River, Arshihe River, Majiagouhe River, the Mudanjiang River, Mayihe River, Wokenghe River, Tong River and kenhe River

Local Highlights: ginseng, edible fungus, mushroom, sculpture of ice and snow
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