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Harbin Ice Festival
Harbin Ice Festival: 
Heilongjiang - Harbin; 
Travel in Harbin, Heilongjiang Harbin Ice Festival is an annual event held in Harbin, the capital city of Heilongjiang Province. Usually falling on January 5 and lasting a month, the festival exerts a strong draw on both local residents and visitors.

The city boasts its neat, impressive and artistic ice and snow sculptures, carvings, and buildings in parks and on frozen rivers. World famous monuments like some grand cathedrals, pyramids, Potala Palace and the Great Wall are all carved out of ice, in spectacularly giant sizes! Some of them, embedded with colored lights, are designed for nighttime observation. Ice sliding and skiing are popular activities in the occasion.

Zhaolin Park: Admission Fee:  40
Electric Bus Route:  101,103,114

The Grand World of Ice and Snow in Harbin: Admission Fee:  80
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Harbin Ice Festival
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