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Jiangxi - Jingdezhen - Profile in Jingdezhen, JiangxiJiangxi Jingdezhen Profile
Jingdezhen City
Jingdezhen City: 
Jiangxi - Jingdezhen; 
Profile in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Location: sutiated on the eastern bank of the Yangtse River

Neighboring Areas: Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Hunan, Hubei, and Anhui provinces

Physical Features: situated in the tropical hill area; topography descending from the northeast to southwest, most area in northeast and northwest dominated by mountains, and southeast and southwest by hills with mere latitude of 200m. Chang River and Le'an River - part of the water system of Boyang Lake, crossing the region from north to south

Population: 1.49 million
Urban Population: 400,000
Area: 5,248 sq km

Nationalities: Han

History: known as the "porcelain city" since the Song dynasty, with a history of 1700 years porcelain-making

Climatic Features: located in subtropical zone; featured the damp monsoon climate with 4 distinct seasons, sufficient sunlight and rainfall, long frost-free period

Mountains: Mt. Huaiyu

Rivers: Chang river, Le'an river

Products: tea, silkworm, paddy, soybean, wheat, peanut, cotton, rapeseed, gingili

Local Highlights: black tea, porcelain crafts
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Jingdezhen City
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