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Anhui - Hefei - Profile in Hefei, AnhuiAnhui Hefei Profile
Hefei City
Hefei City: 
Anhui - Hefei; 
Profile in Hefei, Anhui Neighboring Areas: Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hubei, Henan, and Shandong provinces
Physical Features: at the middle of Jianghuai hilly land, the main part of which is on the gently undulating plain

Population: 4.22 million
Urban Population: 1.22 million

Area: 7,266 sq km

Nationalities: Han, Hui, and She

History: a quiet market town before 1949 and has since expanded to become an industrial center

Climatic Features: subtropical humid monsoon climate with frost-free period of 245 days, 4 seasons clearly

Average Temperature: 15.7C annually

Rainfall: annual precipitation of 1000 mm

Rivers: the Cao Lake - one of the 5 famous fresh-water lakes in China, Feihe River - a branch of Huaihe River, Sili River; Ershili River and Banqian River

Products: paddy rice, wheat, legume, potato, cotton, flue-cured tobacco, hemp, rapeseed, tea, stock raising, freshwater fishery, coal, iron, steel, machinery, electronics, chemistry, textile of cotton and wool, foodstuffs, cigarette, papermaking, building material, printing and dyeing

Local Highlights:
Local Opera: Huangmei Drama, Anhui Qinshu
Arts and Crafts: handicraft made from bamboo, Shucheng Bamboo Mat, famous paintings
Others: Silver Fish, Sesame Pancake
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