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China History Jin Dynasty
Western Jin (265 - 316)
Eastern Jin (317 - 420)
At the end of the Three Kingdoms Period (220-260), Sima family became prominent in the Wei King. In 265 AD, Sima Yan usurped the power and founded a new dynasty Jin. Jin was historically divided into two periods: the Western Jin (265 - 316) with Luoyang as its capital city and Eastern Jin as Jiankang (present Nanjing in Jiangsu Province) became the capital city.

Jin Dynasty was the only period, which unified the country during the period between the Wei, the Jin and the Southern and Northern Dynasties (420 - 589), though this kind of achievement was not lasting.

Although Jin Dynasty was short and full of conflicts, the mix between nationalities was accelerated through the long-term contacts and mutual influences.
Western Jin
Eastern Jin
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