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Mt. Yangming
Mt. Yangming: 
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Travel in Taiwan, Taiwan Mt. Yangming National Park is famous for its wealth of unusual volcanic features and topography. Being so accessible and close to Taipei City, the park attracts a large number of visitors despite its small size compared to Taiwan's other national parks. To most people, Mt. Yangming in the spring means flowers blooming everywhere as wonderful as a picture. In the summer, it's the perfect place to go to escape from the heat and in the autumn the hillsides are covered in flowering silver grass and the occasional tree with red leaves bringing a touch of wistfulness to the land. Amid the sharp winds and pelting rain of winter, a rare glimpse of pale sunshine or a sudden snowfall will bring special delight. These changing aspects show the freshness of Mt. Yangming's scenery at every season of the year. Mt. Yangming is a magic place for butterflies, of which the park has over 150 species. August is the peak season for butterflies in Mt. Yangming Nation Park. The area from Mt. Tatun to Mt. Mientien is most heavily populated with butterflies, particularly the mid-belt of the mountain where an abundance of nectar-bearing wild flowers form a natural sanctuary for the insects--Butterfly Corridor.

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