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Country Profile :Taiwan
Location: located between 2145' - 2556' north latitude and 12434' - 11918' east longitude; situated on the sea and southeast edge of the China's continental shelf, more than 100 kilometers away from the northeast China; bordering the Pacific Ocean to the east, oppositing the Philippines Islands across the Bashi Strait to the south

Neighboring Areas: Fujian and Hainan provinces and Philippines

Population: 19.67 million
Area: 36,000 sq km

Nationalities:Han, Pinbu, and Gaoshan

Climatic Features: with Tropic of Cancer crossing the Island featured the tropical and subtropical climate with windy and rainy weather and high temperature; no cold winter or hot summer; seldom frost and snow; inshore typhoon centering around June to October in the southeast and November and December in the northeast

Average Temperature: 20-25C annually; 13-20C in January and 24-29C in July
Rainfall: average annual of 2,500mm;

Local Highlights:
Taiwan 3 treasures: rice, sugar and tea; rich in camphor and camphor oil
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