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Hainan - Sanya - Profile in Sanya, HainanHainan Sanya Profile
Sanya City
Sanya City: 
Hainan - Sanya; 
Profile in Sanya, Hainan Location: on the southern tip of Hainan Island; on a peninsula parallel to the coast and linked to the mainland by bridges

Neighboring Areas: Guangdong province

Urban Population: 440,000
Area: 1,919 sq km

Nationalities: Han, Hui, Miao, and Li

Climatic Features: located in low-latitude area with tropical coastal monsoon climate; known as "a big natural hot house"; 2,563 sunshine hours all the year-round

Average Temperature: 25.4C annually with the highest of 35.8C and the lowest of 5.1C
Rainfall: annual rainfall is 1,279mm

Mountains: Mt. Wuzhi, Mt. Yingge, Mt. Ezong, Mt. Mihou, Mt. Yajiada and Mt. Diaolu

Rivers: Nandu River, Changhua River, Wanquan River

Products: rice, sweet potatoes, peanuts, sugarcane, rubber, coconut, areca, banana, mango, pineapple, winter melons

Local Highlights: Local Fruits: banana, mango, pineapple, coffee, coconut, mango, sea snake
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Luhuitou (literally'a deer looking back') Peninsula
Monkey Island
Tainya Haijiao (literally'edge of the sky, rim of the sea')
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Sanya City