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Hainan - Haikou - Profile in Haikou, HainanHainan Haikou Profile
Haikou City
Haikou City: 
Hainan - Haikou; 
Profile in Haikou, Hainan Location: located between 1957' - 2005' north latitude and 11010' - 11023' east longitude in the southernmost part of China; in an area that reaches from Zengmu Ansha in the south to the Qiougzhou Straits in the north; bordering the sea areas south of China Sea and facing Viet Nam in the west across Beibu Bay

Neighboring Areas: Guangdong province

Physical Features: belongs to coastal plain; mainly stone sediment; lower in north, higher in south

Urban Population: 510,000
Area: 244.55 sq km

Nationalities: Han, Li

History: traced back to the Western Han (110 B.C.), once called "Haikoupu"(Song dynasty); established as a county in the Ming dynasty and opened to abroad in the Qing dynasty

Climatic Features: located in the north part of low latitude tropical zone; monsoon climate, frost-free period of 346 days; no severe coldness in winter, sunlight amount of 2225.2 hours

Average Temperature: 23.8C annually with the highest of 28.0C and the lowest of 18.8C
Rainfall: an annual average rainfall of 1,690 mm

Mt. Wuzhi, Mt. Yingge, Mt. Ezong, Mt. Mihou, Mt. Yajiada and Mt. Diaolu

Rivers: Nandu River, Changhua River, and Wanquan River

Local Highlights:
Local Flavors: Wenchang Chicken, lobster, potboiled mutton with soup, Jiaji Duck, coconut milk chicken, Dongshan Sheep
Tropical Fruits: pineapple, coffee, coconut, areca-nut and mangoes
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Haikou City
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