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Luhuitou (literally'a deer looking back') Peninsula
Luhuitou (literally'a deer looking back') Peninsula: 
Hainan - Sanya; 
Travel in Sanya, Hainan Luhuitou Penisula lies 5 kilometers south of the city. It is also one of the beaches in Sanya. A walk along the beach leads to the cliff with a deer-shaped peak extending towards the sea. A beautiful legend once told of a young man who went after a deer on this hill for two days. When he became too exhausted, the deer suddenly stopped and looked back at him. The deer became a beautiful girl. They fell in love and married. Their descendants lived on the peninsula for several generations and become today's Li ethnic groups.

Today, a park has been built at the site and a twelve-meter-high stone statue is erected in a shape of a deer looking back. A climb up to the top offers a panoramic view of the Sanya city.
Travel in Sanya
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Luhuitou (literally'a deer looking back') Peninsula
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Tainya Haijiao (literally'edge of the sky, rim of the sea')
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