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Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall: 
Guangdong - Guangzhou; 
Travel in Guangzhou, Guangdong The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, situated in the original site of Sun Yat-sen's Presidential Office on the southern slope of Yuexiu Hill, is a memorial building built in 1931 with the funds raised by the Guangzhou people and overseas Chinese in memory of Sun Yat-sen, the pioneer of China's bourgeois democratic revolution.

Sun Yat-sen, born on November 12, 1866 at Cuiheng Village of Guangdong province, was a leading figure in China's revolution against the Qing government and the first President of the Republic. In August 1905, he formulated the Three Principles of the People - nationalism, democracy, and social well-being - which he believed were the guidelines for building a modern China, and as he had proposed, he truly contributed his whole life into the great task.

Completed in October 1983, the memorial hall, occupying an area of 12,000 square meters with a height of 46 meters, has magnificent exterior and elegant interior decorations. The whole building, octagonal in shape, is of a typical Chinese architectural style. The designer skillfully applied the structural theory of architectural mechanics taking full advantage of the benefits of reinforced concrete. He thus created a pillar less space with the span of up to71 meters, its grandeur resembling a huge umbrella when seen from afar.

Above the entrance of the door, there is a plaque that bears in gold the words "Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall" inscribed by Liao Chengzhi, the vice chairman of the standing Committee of the National People's Congress. At the central up-layer wall of the small hall hangs another plaque with the words "The Whole World as a Community" which was inscribed by Sun Yat-sen himself.

In 1956, a 5-meter- high bronze statue of Dr Sun was erected in front of the hall.

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is the most symbolic building of Guangzhou, and a key venue for the city's large-scale meetings and performances.

Admission Fee:   20
Opening Hours:  08:00 to 16:50  
Time for a Visit:  45 minutes  
Bus Route: 7,22,27,41,56
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