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Five Springs Park (Wuquan Shan Gongyuan)
Five Springs Park (Wuquan Shan Gongyuan): 
Gansu - Lanzhou; 
Travel in Lanzhou, Gansu This park lies at the foot of Gaolan Hill southeast of the city. Behind it a landscaped park rises up to 1600 meters. A climb to the summit (by chairlift) offers a panoramic view of the whole city. The park got the name for its five crystal springs. There is a legend that Han Emperor Wudi sent General Huo Qubing to defend his northern border which was under attack by Huns in 120 B.C.. When the troops approached the Gaolan Hill with all soldiers thirsty and tired, they found that there was no water. General Huo was desperate to find the water himself, and when he whipped upon a stone with rage, five pure springs gushed out!

The springs flow to this day. The highest one is called "Amrita Spring". Legend has it that anyone who drinks the water will become eternal. Another interesting spring is called "Moziquan (Spring of Son)". It rumored that at the bottom of this 10-meter-deep cave are screes and tiles. People who retrieve the screes would get a son.

Most of the buildings have been destroyed in warfare over the centuries, and there only remains the Hall of Adamantine, which was built in 1372. Inside there is enshrined a bronze statue of Adamantine, 5.3 meters in height. Another attractive sight is a bell from the Jin Dynasty (1115 - 1234). It is 3 meters high and weights 5 tons. Near the park is a zoo.

Admission Fee:  RMB 6
Opening Hours:  06:00 to 17:50  
Recommended Time for a Visit:  45 minutes  
Bus Route: 8,31,33,34,106,108,141
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Five Springs Park (Wuquan Shan Gongyuan)
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