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Zhaojun Tomb
Zhaojun Tomb: 
Inner Mongolia - Hohhot; 
Travel in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Located near the bank of Da Hei River (Da Hei He), six miles to the south of Hohhot (Hu He Hao Te), Zhaojun Tomb is one of the most beautiful scenes of ancient times.

This tomb is one hundred feet tall, occupying an area of 1.3 hectare. It was said that each year when it turned cold and grasses became yellow that only this tomb remained green and so got the name Green Tomb (Qing Zhong). In fact this is not the reason it became famous, but because of the lady Wang Zhaojun.

Wang Zhaojun, a daughter of a Han family, was elected to enter the imperial palace because of her beauty in the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-24AD). In the year 33 BC Hu Yan Ye Chan Yu, the Emperor of Xiongnu, an ethnic group country, came to ask for her hand in marriage in order to have friendly relations with Han. Zhaojun then married herself off to the grasslands of her own free will; this is called Zhaojun Chu Sai meaning Zhaojun went out beyond the Great Wall, which is a very important incident that happened in the history of Han and Xiongnu.

She made great contributions to the relationship between Han and Xiongnu. In the following sixty years, no wars broke out and people lived a better life and she also spread Han culture and knowledge to the ethnic group of people.

Futurity then built this tomb in the commemoration of this lady. She was not really buried here and nobody knows where and when she died.

You can arrive there directly by bus from the city.

Admission Fee: RMB 23
Opening Hours: 08:10 to 18:00
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