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Gegentala Grassland
Gegentala Grassland: 
Inner Mongolia - Hohhot; 
Travel in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Gegentala Prairie, in Mongolian means "a resort from heat". It is situated to the north of Mt. Daqing, 145 kilometers away from Hohhot. The prairie is a scenic spot supported both by the Natural Tourist Bureau and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. You will be truly astonished by the remarkable beauty of the natural scenery on the prairie. You will also be welcomed by the herdsmen and their families who enjoy sharing knowledge of their customs and habits.

Furthermore, you can have a good time horseback riding or experiencing a pleasure trip on a camel. Meanwhile you might get a chance to take in a Mongolian wrestling match or horse race. At night, tourists can gather around a bonfire and listen to folk songs and watch folk dances. And, a first-class reception service makes Gegentala Prairie all the more attractive.

Admission Fee: 60
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