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Five-Pagoda Temple (Wuta Si)
Five-Pagoda Temple  (Wuta Si): 
Inner Mongolia - Hohhot; 
Travel in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Wuta Si, also called Jingangzuo Sheli Baota, is seated in Wuta Jie, the southeastern part of the old town. It is the only remaining part of the Cideng Temple (Cideng Si).

As Jinggangzuo Sheli Baota has five small square-shaped dagobas on its top, it is named Wuta Si. The fifty-two feet tall temple is decorated with glazed tiles. The lower part has many designs related to Buddhism and Jingang Scripture written in Mongolian, Tibetan, and Chinese. More than one thousand small but exquisite gold-plated figures of the Buddha are molded in upper tiers.

The most valuable stonecutting is the one carved on the northern wall. It is the only astronomical map annotated in Mongolian ever discovered in the world.

Admission: 12
Opening Times: 9:00 - 17:00
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