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Xilituzhao Palace
Xilituzhao Palace: 
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Travel in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Xilitu Zhao, also called Xiao Zhao, is situated in the south of Stone Lane (Shitou Xiang), Yu Quan District (Yu Qaun Qu), Hohhot. It is the largest surviving Lama temple in the city. But it was considered a small temple when it was constructed during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

It is said that Xitituge, who was a teacher of Dalai Lama IV, once ascended to the Holy Seat of Dalai Lama in Tibet. Upon his return. he changed his temple's name into Xilitu Zhao. Xilitu means Holy Seat in Tibetan and Zhao means temple in Mongolian.

After the reparations and expansions during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), it achieved its current design. Its architectural complex is the splendid Da Jing Tang. The whole building is in the Han Style, except the main hall, Da Dian, which is of Tibetan Style, decorated with colorful glazed tiles on its inner walls. In the southeast corner of the temple stands a fifty feet high tower, which is quite grandiose.

Xilitu Zhao is still active today. The Buddhist Conference is held in it each year. Sometimes you may come across an exciting religious activity.

Admission Fee: 12
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