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Zhijin Cave Scenic Spot
Zhijin Cave Scenic Spot: 
Guizhou - Bijie; 
Travel in Bijie, Guizhou Zhijin Cave Scenic Spot situates in Zhijin County in Guizhou Province, 156 km away from Guiyang and 145 km from Anshun.

Covering an area of 450 sqkm, this scenic area consists of four parts, namely Zhijin Old Town, Zhijin Cave, Jiehe Gorge and Hongjia Ferry.

Zhijin Cave is also named Daji Cave (Hit Rooster Cave). In the past, young people of the Miao ethnic group often played shuttlecock which is made by the feather of rooster here, hence the name.

Zhijin Cave area has an area of 307 sqkm, with the length of 12.1km, the widest span of 175 m. The area inside the cave adds up to more than 700, 000sqm.

As the highlight of this scenic area, Zhijin cave is famous for its grand scale, marvelous spectacle and complete varieties of stalactite. There are over forty kinds of Karst precipitation formations in the cave, embracing the main kinds found in Karst caves all over the world. No wonder the reputation "the Museum of Karst Formation".

Outside the cave there dotted some villages of Bouyei, Miao, Yi and other ethnic groups.

Admission:RMB 60
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