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Jiudongtian Scenic Area
Jiudongtian Scenic Area: 
Guizhou - Bijie; 
Travel in Bijie, Guizhou Jiudongtian Scenic Area is located in the southwest of Dafang County and has a total length of 23km.

A river valley, 13 kilometers long, runs through the Jiudongtian Scenic Area. The valley has a sheer precipice, with overhanging rocks, together with luxuriant plant growth on both banks.

Sailing down along the river, visitors will see the magnificent natural beauty of the area. In the lower reaches of the river, there are nine caves with underground streams running through, which are known as the Nine Caves. Near each cave entrance, there are some unusual Karst formations which form a unique scene of subterranean river and Karst landscapes.
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Jiudongtian Scenic Area
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