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Nanhu Lake Park
Nanhu Lake Park: 
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Travel in Nanning, Guangxi Situated in the southeastern part of Nanning city, Nanhu Lake Park brings together the aquatic scenery and the subtropical gardening outlook. It covers an area of 126.6 hectares, of which three fourths is occupied by the lake.

Inside the park are planted palms, Chinese fan palms and pinangs and other tropical trees which are full of southern flavors. Besides which, more than thirty kinds of tropic fruit trees, including litchi, jackfruit, pomelo and mango can be found in the park.

The seven-hole bridge arches across the lake, like a huge dragon floating in the water and the blue sky and white clouds are reflected in the clean and green water.You will enjoy yourself a lot by paddling a boat in the lake, or just fishing with a hook and line.

Bus Route:  6, 11, 12, 16
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