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Mt. Qingxiu
Mt. Qingxiu: 
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Travel in Nanning, Guangxi Originally named "Mt. Qingshan", also known as "Oingtai Peak", Mt. Qingxiu lies 5 kilometers away from the southeast of the city of Nanning, where ridges and peaks are rising and falling, magnificent, beautiful and forceful, with woods verdant, old banyan trees towering into the sky. There are rocks and grottos, deep and precipitous, there are stones and springs, sweet and clear. Bordering on the Yongjiang River, leaning against the mountains and peaks, it is an imposing and unrivalled scenery. Mt. Qingxiu is famous for mountains not high but beautiful, waters not deep but clear.

The Mt. Qingxiu scenic spot has an altitude of about 82 meters to 189 meters above sea level, including Fenghuang Mountains, Fengyi Mountains and Qingxiu Mountains. With pleasant weather, there are exotic flowers and rare herbs blossoming all the year round. As an ancient poetry described it: "Mt. Qingshan doesn't grow old for seasons, the absent son feels as if spring is joyful at the end of the world, I go up the mountain with the spring scenery, flowers are in blossom to welcome the spring". Since ancient times, Mt. Qingxiu has been a famous summer resort and tourist attraction in the south of Yongjiang River.

The Mt. Qingxiu scenic spot was built in the Sui and Tang dynasties, thriving during the Ming Dynasty, falling into oblivion during the period from the end of the Qing Dynasty to the beginning of the Republic of China. At that time, the tourist area is about 1180 mu.

There were originally 8 sceneries on Mt. Qingxiu. Owing to having long been out of repair, the 8 sceneries have now fallen into disrepair and have been gradually forgotten, all that remains are the resorts of all dynasties and fairy tale stories circulating among the people. Since liberation, the government now pays attention to the development of scenic spots. And on October 1st, 1987, the Mt. Qingxiu scenic spot has been opened formally to tourists from home and abroad. Through continuous repair and rearrangement, Mt. Qingxiu will be a place for people touring and resting, and will be the place that must be seen by tourists to Nanning.

Admission Fee:   15
Opening Hours:  The Whole Day
Bus Route:  10, 34, No. 1 and No. 2 Ring Road Line
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