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Yunnan - Lijiang - Profile in Lijiang, YunnanYunnan Lijiang Profile
Lijiang City
Lijiang City: 
Yunnan - Lijiang; 
Profile in Lijiang, Yunnan Location: located between 9923' - 10131' east longitude and 2559' - 2756' north latitude, and northwest of Yunnan province, middle reaches of Jinsha River

Neighboring Areas: Sichuan province and Guizhou province; Tibet Autonomous Region and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Physical Features: lies in the joint area of Qingzang Altiplano and Yungui Altiplano

Nationalities: Han, Lisu, Pumi, Nuosu, Tibetan and Naxi

History: an intimate mountain town of stone and tile, laced with swift canals; a gathering place of rugged mountain people from various ethnic groups of Naxi Lisu, Pumi, Nuosu Yi, Tibetan

Climatic Features: distinctly vertical temperature difference, sufficient rainfall and clear division between dry seasons and humid seasons

Average Temperature: 12.6C -19.8C
Rainfall: annual average rainfall adds up to 1000mm

Mountains: Mt. Laojun, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
Rivers: Jinsha River, Lancang River

Local Highlights: The Life of Naxi Women, Naxi Ancient Music, Old Town
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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
Old Town
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