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Yunnan - Dali - Profile in Dali, YunnanYunnan Dali Profile
Dali City
Dali City: 
Yunnan - Dali; 
Profile in Dali, Yunnan Location: located between 9958' - 10027' east longitide and 2525' - 2558' north latitude, and in the northwest of Yunnan province

Neighboring Areas: Sichuan province and Guizhou Province; Tibet Autonomous Region and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Nationalities: Han, Hui, Bai, Yi and Tibetan

Population: 3.19 million.
Urban Population: 486,800
Area: 28,536 sq km

History: The capital of Nanzhao State; the political, cultural and economical center of Yunnan in the ancient history

Climatic Features: sub-tropical monsoon climate with annual frost-free of 230 days, and sunlight of 2276.6 hours, no much difference between 4 reasons

Average Temperature: 15.1C
Rainfall: annual rainfall of 1078.9mm

Mountains: Western Hills
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