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Manfeilong Pagoda
Manfeilong Pagoda: 
Yunnan - Jinghong; 
Travel in Jinghong, Yunnan The famous pagoda is in Damenglong village which is 70 kilometres south of Jinghong and only a few kilometres from the Sino-Burma border. The silver pagoda was built in 1204 in honor of a footprint said to be left by Sakyamuni himself during his visit in the area. The pagoda actually consists of 9 stupas, with the primary stupa in the centre while the other 8 smaller stupas clustering to its base. The primary stupa rises 55 feet. Bells hung on the stupas give wonderful tinkles in the breezes. Below one of the stupas and in a niche the Buddha's footprint is enshrined. Not that far across a small valley, there is another black pagoda which is less famous.On the way to Manfeilong, visitors may have a visit to Manguanglong Monastery which houses a small Hinayana Buddhist community.

Admission Fee:   5 for the White Pagoda and free for the Black Pagoda
Time for a Visit:  Two hours  
Opening Hours: 08:30 to 18:00
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Manfeilong Pagoda
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