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Nine-Dragon Cave Scenic Spot
Nine-Dragon Cave Scenic Spot: 
Guizhou - Tongren; 
Travel in Tongren, Guizhou The Nine-Dragon Cave Scenic Spot is located about 17 kilometers southeast of Tongren City, Guizhou Province. It has convenient transportation. There are roads crossing the whole scenic area, which is 450 kilometers from Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou Province. It is 60 kilometers to Mt.Fanjingshan and 310 kilometers to Zhangjiajie Scenic Spot, a famous scenic spot in Hunan Province.

This scenic spot has a pleasant climate. The area is filled with many interesting natural and cultural sights It includes attractions such as Guanyin Hill, Lianhua Temple, Shishan Cave and Jinjiang River.

Nine-Dragon Cave is the most important part of this scenic spot. It is considered one of the top ten attractions of Guizhou Province. It is located in the middle Guanyin Hill beside Malong Brook (Scolding Dragon Brook). The legend is that there were six yellow dragons on Liulong Hill (Six-Dragon Hill), which is behind Nine-Dragon Cave. They invited three black dragons living in Jinjiang River, which faces the Cave, to come to the cave to get together. When the nine dragons entered the cave, they saw it as a wonderful cave mansion. They all wanted to live in the cave, so they quarreled without stop. When dawn came, none of the dragons was able to go back home, and the only thing they could do was to climb along with a huge colorful post deep inside of the cave. Finally, they could not escape. As the nine dragons kept quarrelling, people could not get peace, so they scolded them in front of a brook at the foot of the hill. Thus Scolding Dragon Brook got its name. From this legend, the Nine-Dragon Cave also got its name.

Nine-Dragon Cave has a width of more than 70 meters. The widest place is about 100 meters. It is 30 to 70 meters high. It was proved that the cave is 2258 meters long with a total area of about 70,000 square meters. There are 7 big halls inside the Cave. Three big halls have been opened to tourists with 12 scenic spots. There are hundreds of stone posts and stone bamboos. There are 8 stone posts with a height of over 30 meters; 6 with a height of over 20 meters; 18 with a height of over 10 meters. In addition, there are Tian Hall shaped like a silo and a subterranean river. Caves are inside caves in every hall. Halls connect to halls inside the caves. Stone bamboos, stone posts, stone flowers and stone curtains cover each hall and each cave. Each of them has special features. They present us various kinds of appearances and visions.

The first hall is a slightly inclined cave with flat top. Stone posts are on the right side and stone flowerson the left side. Many special types of scenery are inside the cave. Especially remarkable are the standing tall and upright "pagoda" and "long sword", which directly points to the sky.

The second hall is a flat head cave. Stone curtains hang below the cave head, exquisite and delicate. Together with white stalactites and black stone posts, this cave lets the tourist conjure up his own scenes.

The third hall is a round head cave. This cavern is so big that it can permit ten thousand people to sit in it. It is the heart of Nine Dragons Cave and is the most spectacular part. On both sides of the hall, three huge thick posts connect to the cave head. Each of them is more than 30 meters high. One of them has a height of 39.88 meters with a circumference of 16.4 meters. It is the highest stone post in current opened caves in China. It is the second highest in the world.

Stone flowers cover fully the body of the post so as to make the three halls colorful and majestic. Furthermore, at the foot of the stone posts, small pictorial formations are plentiful. There is an underground river in the Cave. It is clear; it is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It traverses the bottom of the Cave, passes by the cliff in front of the Cave and then rushes down as a flying waterfall. On the right side of the underground river, there again is a small cave. Layers of "terraces" are inside the cave. Although it is small, it has boundless charm.

The more amazing thing is that there are two natural small caves approximately 1.5 kilometers outside of "The Nine-Dragon Cave";. One of them blows out cold wind, and another blows out heated wind. It got the name of "Cold and Heated Wind Cave". It is rare to see two caves so close together with heated wind and cold wind!

Admission Fee:  RMB 30
Opening Hours:  08:00 to 18:00  
Time for a Visit:  Two hours
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