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Tianyi Pavilion
Tianyi Pavilion: 
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Travel in Ningbo, Zhejiang Tianyi Pavilion Library is located downtown beside the beautiful Yuehu Lake. It was built by Mr. Fan Qin, a high-ranking official equivalent to today's national defense minister, during the reign of Emperor Jia Jing's in the Ming Dynasty. Tianyi Pavilion Library is the oldest well-preserved private library in China today. It is a combination of culture, social studies, history and art. Tianyi Pavilion Museum occupies over 26,000 square meters. The overall layout is Tianyi Pavilion, Eastern Garden, The Chens' Ancestral Hall, The Qings' Branch Ancestral Hall, Calligraphy and Painting Hall and Local Chronicles Hall.

Tianyi Pavilion keeps a large collection of about 300,000 ancient books, among which 80,000 are rare copies including the woodcut copies and handwritten copies of the Song and Ming Dynasties. They are rich sources of local chronicles and imperial examinations and are precious materials for the study of history, people, social customs and habits. Tianyi Pavilion Library is called the "Book City of South China". Tianyi Pavilion is not only world famous for its wide collection of books, but also for its unique architecture and elegant landscape.

Tianyi Pavilion Library is a major historical and cultural site under state protection, and is also one of the major symbols of Ningbo. Admission Fee:  RMB 20
Bus Route: 560
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