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Baoguo Temple
Baoguo Temple: 
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Travel in Ningbo, Zhejiang Baoguo Temple is located in a deep and secluded valley halfway up Mt. Lingshan, 15 kilometers north of Ningbo. At 970 years of age, it is the oldest and most preserved wooden structure in South China. Baoguo Temple was originally built during the East Han Dynasty with Maofeng Mountain at its back, and flanked by Xiangbi Mountain and Shiyan Mountain.

Baoguo Temple incredible architecture has gained wide recognition. It consists of Shan Men (Mountain Gate), Tian Wang Dian (Hall of Heavenly King), and Da Dian (Grand Hall), and occupies an area of 13,000 square meters. The 970-year-old temple's Grand Buddha Hall uniquely free from birds, rats, spiders and insects. This may be due to the unique skills of the creators of the Song building, and fully demonstrates the great intelligence and creative power of the laboring people of ancient China.

There are altogether 17 exhibition halls in Baoguo Temple open to the public. In addition to the building itself, other important cultural relic exhibits on display include Emperor-conferred Longchang, Buddha statues, bronze utensils, brick and stone sculptures, precious gifts conferred by foreign guests, a "thousand-labor bed", and the "thousand-labor sedan."

Baoguo Temple is a major historical and cultural site under state protection.

Admission Fee:   15  
Bus Route: 332
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