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Bosten Lake
Bosten Lake: 
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Travel in Korla, Xinjiang 57 kilometers northeast of Korla, Bosten Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Xinjiang, which serves as a natural reservoir. The lake, covering over 1,000 square kilometers reflects the beauty of the southern countryside with luxuriant vegetation. It is also a large fishery where a variety of fish grow. The lake is known as the Oriental Hawaii of Xinjiang because of its unique and beautiful scenery in the Gobi desert. To accommodate developing tourism, recreational facilities have been gradually set up around the lake. Motor boating, water-skiing, diving and fishing are becoming popular. After a day of fishing, tourists can enjoy delicious bullhead and blunt-snout bream which are produced in the lake.

Admission Fee: RMB 20 (Excluding 550 for hiring a boat)
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Bosten Lake
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