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Xinjiang - Urumqi - Profile in Urumqi, XinjiangXinjiang Urumqi Profile
Urumqi City
Urumqi City: 
Xinjiang - Urumqi; 
Profile in Urumqi, Xinjiang Location: located between 8637' - 8858' east longitude and 4245' - 4408' north latitude, deeply lies in the hinterland of continent, and in the middle--northern of Tianshan Range, the south edge of Zhunger Basins

Neighboring areas: Gansu province and Qinghai province, Tibet Autonomous Region

Physical Features: mostly covered by mountains with west part featured as vast plain area

Population: 1.5 million
Urban Population: 1.08 million
Area: 12,000 sq km

Nationalities: Uigur, Han, Hui, Manchu, Kazakstan, Xibe, Russia, Tatar and Mongolian

History: a pasture land in ancient times; troops stationing in the Urumqi area in the Tang dynasty; set up as a city during the Ming dynasty; in 1884, established as the capital of Xinjiang province

Climatic Features: belongs to semiarid continental climate of middle temperate zone, temperate difference between day and night; shorter spring and autumn and longer winter and summer; frost-free period of 179 days and 2821 hours sunlight annually

Average Temperature: 6.4C
Rainfall: average annual of 236mm

Products: crops, grains, vegetable oil, vegetables, melons and grapes
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