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Shandong - Qufu - Profile in Qufu, ShandongShandong Qufu Profile
Qufu City
Qufu City: 
Shandong - Qufu; 
Profile in Qufu, Shandong Locations: situated between north latitude 3529' - 3549' and east longitude 11651' - 11713' in the south of Shandong province; it i6 kilometers away from its provincial capital - Ji'nan, 45 kilometers away from Ji'ning to southwest

Neighboring Areas: Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, and Hebei provinces

Physical Features: the ratio between hills and plain is 3:7; the land descending from northeast to southeast

Population: 620,000
Area: 895.93 sq km

Nationalities: Han, Hui, Manchu, Buyi, Zhuang, Korean, Mongolian, Yi, Miao, Bai, Li, Zang, Tujia and Russian

History: a history of more than 5000 years; the center of the Oriental Culture since the ancient times; used to be the onetime capital of Shengnong where Huangdi lived; in the Shang and Yin dynasty, the capital of Lu State; during the Spring and Autumn Period as well as the Warring States, the birth place of Mencius; and also used to be an educational center at that time

Climatic Features: warm temperate continental monsoon climate; 4 distinct seasons; sunshine of 2433.3 hours annually; frost-free period of 199 days

Average Temperature: average annual of 13.6C; 26.8C in July and -1.7C in January; daily difference of 10.2-11.5C
Rainfall: average annual of 666.3 mm; 441.7mm totally in summer and 27.8 mm in winter

Mountains: Mt. Nishan, Mt. Jiulongshan, Mt. Jiuxianshan, Mt. Shimenshan, Mt. Fenghuangshan

Rivers: Sihe River, Nishui River, Liaohe River, Xianhe River

Local Highlights: Confucius Cultural Festival, Qufu 3 treasures: sweet paddy, Guodan apricot, mineral water; five unique handicrafts in central Lu: Kongfujia Wine, S-shaped ornamental object by carving of Kaishu, wool carpet, walking stick with dragon head, rubbings from stone inscriptions and Nishan inkstone
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