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Shandong - Qingdao - Profile in Qingdao, ShandongShandong Qingdao Profile
Qingdao City
Qingdao City: 
Shandong - Qingdao; 
Profile in Qingdao, Shandong Location: located between 120 east longitude and 36 west latitude, at the southwestern tip of the Shandong Peninsular, bordering the Yellow Sea on the east and south

Neighboring Areas: Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, and Hebei provinces

Physical Features: bounded on the southeast by the Yellow Sea, about half of the area covered by mountains and hills and the rest fertile plains

Population: 7.0 million
Urban Population: 2.3 million
Area: 10,654 sq km

Nationalities: Han, Hui, Korean, Zhuang, Gaoshan, Uygur, Miao and Russian

History: the original place of the China's ancient culture 6000 years ago, administrated by Qi Kingdom during East Zhou dynasty and become a prosperousc city in Qin dynasty; In the 19 century, once under control of imperial invaders; thereafter, set up as a municipal city of P.R.C in 1949

Climatic Features: a temperate maritime climate, warm in winter and cool in summer, frost-free period of 251 days

Average Temperature: 12.2C annually 25C in August and 1.3C in January
Rainfall: average annual of 775.6mm

Mountains: Mt. Laoshan

Products: wheat, corn, yam bean, soya bean, millet, peanuts, cotton, tobacco, flowers, vegetables and fruits

Local Highlights: International Beer Festival
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