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Liaoning - Shenyang - Profile in Shenyang, LiaoningLiaoning Shenyang Profile
Shenyang City
Shenyang City: 
Liaoning - Shenyang; 
Profile in Shenyang, Liaoning Location: located between 12225' - 12348' east latitude and 4111' - 432' north latitude, in the southern part of northeast china, and the inland area of Liaodong peninsula, north of the Bohai Sea and southwest of the Changbai Mountains, is the center of Liaoning province

Neighboring Areas: Jilin and Hebei provinces; Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Physical Features: situated and betwee the Changbai Mountain and Pohai; on the alluvial plains of the Liaohe and Hunhe Rivers; mostly covered by plain, small hills in the southeast

Population: 6.73 million
Urban Population: 4.76 million
Area: 8,515 sq km

Nationalities: Han, Hui, Manchu, Corea, Xibo and Mongolian

History: the Manchu capital from 1625 until 1644

Climatic Features: located in the North Temperate Zone with continental climate; 4 distinct seasons

Average Temperature: 8.6C with the lowest of -23.0C and the highest of 31.4C

Local Highlights: Shenyang Acrobats
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Shenyang City