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Shenyang Imperial Palace
Shenyang Imperial Palace: 
Liaoning - Shenyang; 
Travel in Shenyang, Liaoning Near one of Shenyang's shopping area is the Shenyang Imperial palace, which is an excellently well-preserved cultural relic. In 1625 Nurhaci began construction on the palace and it was completed in 1636 under Abahai's reign. Although it is considered a miniature of the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Palace by comparison is smaller in scale. The Manchurian influence behind its construction also shows a vast departure in style from its predecessor. The main architecture on the central axis is the Chong Zheng Dian, where Abahai attended to his political affairs. This is the hall where Juchen was renamed Manchu. Behind is the three towers Feng Huang Lou (Phoenix Tower), and Qing Ning Gong (Palace of Celestial Peace) in which Abahai and his concubines lived. Da Zheng Dian (Hall of Great Affairs) is the mail architecture on the east axis. In front of the hall,there are eight pavilions for the Manchurian tribal lords to gather for discussion of state affairs and other important ceremonies.

Admission Fee:   50
Opening Hours: 08:10 to 17:00
Recommended Time for a Visit:  One hour
Bus Route: 213,222
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Shenyang Imperial Palace
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