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Liaoning - Dalian - Profile in Dalian, LiaoningLiaoning Dalian Profile
Dalian City
Dalian City: 
Liaoning - Dalian; 
Profile in Dalian, Liaoning Location: located between 3843' - 4010' north latitude and 12058' - 123 east longitude, and in the southernmost point of Liaodong Peninsula; with the Yellow Sea to its east and the Bohai Sea to its west

Neighboring Areas: Jilin and Hebei provinces; Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Physical Features: situated in the south part of Liaodong Hilly Region surrounded by sea on three sides; one of the three largest hilly regions in China; the terrain sloping down from northeast to southwest

Population: 5.4 million
Urban Population: 2.59 million
Area: 12,578 sq km

Nationalities: Han

History: In early Tang dynasty, called "Lion Mouth" for its inaccessibility; in 1371, settled by troops sent by Zhu Yuanzhang - the emperor of Ming dynasty at Port of Lushun from Shandong; renamed "Qingni Wa" since Ming and Qing dynasties

Climatic Features: located in the warm temperate zone of the North Hemisphere with a warm temperate continental monsoon climate ; no extreme coldness in winter or utterly hot in summer; 4 four distinc seasons

Average Temperature: 8.4C - 10.5C with the highest of 35C and the lowest of - 24C
Rainfall: annual precipitation of 600 mm to 790 mm

Products: grain, flax, corn, ripe, broomcorn, soybean, cotton, peanut, tobacco leaf
Specialties: haw, apple, yellow peach, grape and cherry, prawns, abalones, and sea cucumbers
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