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Memorial Temple of Lord Bao
Memorial Temple of Lord Bao: 
Henan - Kaifeng; 
Travel in Kaifeng, Henan Standing on the bank of a crystal-clear lake (Baogong Lake, named after Lord Bao) in the city center, is a complex of Song-dynasty buildings. Like most temples in China, the layout contains several courtyards flanked with side halls. Artificial rocks, springs and pavilions were built to enhance the surrounding scenery.

The complex is situated on a one hectare land and contains halls, pavilions, corridors and some side structures. In the Great Hall, a bronze statue of Lord Bao, three meters high, 2.5 tons in weigh, gives tourists a great impression of the revered hero. In the next hall, some epitaphs and Lord Bao's inscriptions are exhibited. In the next two halls, pictures and waxwork depicting anecdotes of Lord Bao can be found.

Lord Bao (Bao Zheng) was a Northern Song official well-known for his incorruptibility and uprightness. He was a judge renowned for his fairness in settling lawsuits and became a hero to many. Many of his heroic acts are depicted in Chinese opera and plays.

Admission Fee: 20
Opening Hours: 08:00 to 17:30
Recommended Time for a Visit: Half an hour
Bus Route: 1, 20
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