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Henan - Zhengzhou - Profile in Zhengzhou, HenanHenan Zhengzhou Profile
Zhengzhou City
Zhengzhou City: 
Henan - Zhengzhou; 
Profile in Zhengzhou, Henan Location: located between 11242' - 11414' east longitude and 3416' - 3458' north latitude; at the junction of the Beijing, Guangzhou and Longhai Railways; in the central part of Henan province

Neighboring Areas: Shandong, Anhui, Hubei, Shaanxi, Shanxi, and Hebei provinces

Physical Features: of great diversity including plain, hills and rivers

Population: 5.97 million
Urban Population: 2 million
Area: 7,446 sq km

Nationalities: Han

History: set up as a town named Aodu as early as 3500 years ago

Climatic Features: temperate continental climate

Average Temperature: 14.3C
Rainfall: annual average of 640mm

Products: wheat, corn, cotton, apple, paulownia and tobacco leaf
Specialties: Yellow River Carp, Zhengzhou Watermelon, Xinzheng Date, dired persimmon, Guangwu Megranate and Zhongmu Garlic

Local Highlights: Henan Opera - one of the ten great operas in China, the essence of traditional culture
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