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Yellow River Scenic Area
Yellow River Scenic Area: 
Henan - Zhengzhou; 
Travel in Zhengzhou, Henan Yellow River Scenic Area is located in the eastern section of Mt. Yueshan, 27 kilometers to the northwest of Zhengzhou City. The area is 4.5 kilometers long with its eastern end at the Yellow River Bridge and western in the ruins of the ancient battle field of King Liubang and King Xiangyu. The distance from north to south is 6 kilometers with the southern end at Kuhe River and northern end in the south bank of Yellow River. This area is 100.72 meters above the sea level while its peaks such as Wulong Peak (Five Dragon Peak) are all 190 meters above sea level.

Yellow River Scenic Area covers an area of about 27 square kilometers with Mt. Yueshan and Mt. Guangwushan as its center. About 20 years ago, there is still a wilderness. In 1970, aiming to solve the problem of water supply and irrigation, a water project was launched by the government and was completed two years later. After that, another seven years was spent in building a scenic area to enhance the culture of the Yellow River.and During the Chu-Han War, Liubang and Xiangyu once confronted here.

Cultural scenic spots include Yueshan Temple, Mt. Wulongfeng, Battlefield of King Liubang and King Xiangyu, Huayuankou scenic zone and etc, which are different in styles, but reveal the same tune of the Yellow River culture.

Admission Fee: 25
Opening Hours: 08:10 to 18:00
Recommended Time for a Visit: Two hours  
Bus Route: Take shuttle buses at Zhengzhou Railway Station
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Yellow River Scenic Area
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