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Dragon Pavilion (Long Ting)
Dragon Pavilion (Long Ting): 
Henan - Kaifeng; 
Travel in Kaifeng, Henan Found to the northwest of the city, the Dragon Pavilion is a palatial hall built on a thirteen-meter-high marble terrace. During the Song and Jin dynasties, this was the site of imperial palaces. In the Ming period, an official's residence complete with garden was constructed. A pavilion was added during the reign of Kuangxhui (1672). Inside the pavilion are enshrined the emperor's tablets. Two dragons playing with a pearl are carved on a plaque on the pavilion, hence the name, Dragon Pavilion. It became an important place for local and official ceremonies and festivities. Another hall was added during the reign of Qing Yongzheng.

The great hall features traditional Chinese temple architectural style on a marble terrace. Stone tablets exhibited in the hall bear Chinese calligraphic inscriptions. Wax figures and portraits of Song emperors are also on display.

From the hall, a five minute walk will bring you to Wuchao Gate, the site of the imperial palace of the Song Dynasty. The road leading to Wuchao Gate, is surrounded by a blue clear lake. The western lake is called "Lake of Family Yang" and the eastern called "Lake of Family Pan". Both families are renowned in the Song period, the Yang for their loyalty and honesty and the Pan for their treachery.

A park was built on the site in 1963 and has been designated as a provincial relic.

Admission Fee: 35
Recommended Time for a Visit: One hour
Bus Route: 1, 20
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