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Dongpo Pavilion
Dongpo Pavilion: 
Guangxi - Beihai; 
Travel in Beihai, Guangxi Dongpo Pavilion is located in Hepu Normal College, which was the former site of Qinglexuan (Pure Enjoy Studio) where Su Dongpo, a famous Song poet stayed and wrote his poems. The pavilion is a brick and wooden structure shelter within a traditional Chinese compound. "Su Dongpo" name can be seen inscribed on a wooden panel hanging on the lintel of this pavilion. Inside the pavilion, a portrait of Su was carved on the wall. Ten of his poems, which were elegantly in scripted, can be seen along side with the portrait. Other then inscriptions of Su's poems, inscriptions of a Buddhist dignitary from the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees (in Guangzhou) can also be seen inside the pavilion. East of the pavilion is Dongpo Well, which is said to be dug by Su Dongpo himself. The water is crystal clear, sweet and filled with freshness. A park was built nearby to beautify the area.
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Dongpo Pavilion
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