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East Lake
East Lake: 
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Travel in Shaoxing, Zhejiang East Lake is located in the east suburbs of Shaoxing city, three kilometers from the city center. Featuring an elegant landscape of lakes and mountains and fantastic stones, it, together with the West Lake in Hangzhou and Nanhu Lake in Jiaxing, are known as the Three Famous Lakes in Zhejiang Province.

East Lake used to be a huge rocky hill. During the Han Dynasty, stoneman always went there to quarry stone. During the Sui, in order to build the Great Wall, more stone were quarried from the mountain. After thousands of years of excavation, some parts of the mountain were hollowed, forming a unique scene.

The scenic area consists of Taogong Cave, Xiantao Cave, Tingqiu Pavilion and other spots. "Taogong Dong" is located at the food of the hill with cliffs rising 50-60 meters on each side. Riding on the lake in a boat, visitors can fully enjoy the wonderful scene. There are nine bridges on the lake and many pavilions dotted the banks. Visitors are sure to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Admission Fee:  RMB 25
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