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Jinshan Hill Park
Jinshan Hill Park: 
Jiangsu - Zhenjiang; 
Travel in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Jinshan Hill, with an altitude of 43.7 meters, is situated in the northwest of Zhenjiang City, 3 kilometers from the city center. It was originally an islet situated in the middle of the river. Later, because of the constant deposits of mud and sand, it has been connected to the land.

Jinshan Hill is noted for its enchanting sceneries. The temple on the hill is said to be built in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. As the temple is built along the hill with one layer over another, there is a common saying that "the temple covers the hill". In the mythical tale of "Legend of the White Snake", the story of the white snake Bai Suzhen inundated Jinshan Hill was happened there.

In this tale, Fa Hai, a monk of Jinshan Temple, demolished the marriage between white snake and her husband. Failed in asking the monk for her husband, the white snake, making use of her theurgy, inundated the temple. Today, two caves separately named Fahai Cave and White Snake Cave existed relate this story to people.The Buddhist pagoda at the top of the hill was built in the Qing Dynasty and of the brick and wood structure in imitation of the style of the Song Dynasty. It has seven stories. Zhongleng Spring which is to the west of Jinshan Hill is also called "No.1 Spring under Heaven".

Admission Fee: RMB 45
Bus Route: 2
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Jinshan Hill Park
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