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Hubei - Jingzhou - Profile in Jingzhou, HubeiHubei Jingzhou Profile
Jingzhou City
Jingzhou City: 
Hubei - Jingzhou; 
Profile in Jingzhou, Hubei Location: situated at the Jianghan Plain, close to the Golden Waterway; Wuhan to the east, Yichang south, and the Jingmen city north; bordering on the Three Gorges

Neighboring Areas: Anhui, Jiangxi, Hunan, Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Henan provinces

Physical Features: higher west and lower east; densely cover by the network of waterway, as well as lakes; with winding river course

Population: 6.30 million
Urban Population: 1.56 million
Area: 1,400 sq km

Nationalities: Han, Hui, Manchu, Tujia, Miao and Mongolian

History: a cultural ancient city with 2000 years history with the reputation of "the finest under heaven, being overwhelmed by 9 divisions"; one of the cradles of Chu Culture, and used to be the capital of the Chu State during the Spring and Autumn Period for totally 20 emperors; in Northern and Southern dynasty, the capital of Qihedi, Liangyuandi, the Later Liang; in Five dynasty, the capital of the Nanping State

Climatic Features: subtropical humid monsoon climate; four seasons clearly demarcated; cloudy and sunny not certain in spring, humid and hot summer, fine autumns, dry cold winter; plenty of sunshine; frost free period of 220-300 days

Average Temperature: 16C annually

Rainfall: plenty of rain, annual even precipitation 1200 mm; concentrated on June, July and August, as well as spring

Mountains: Mt. Balingshan

Rivers: Honghu Lake, Juzhanghe River, Changhu Lake, Songzihe River, Jingjiang River, Huduhe River

Local Highlights: the Shashi Jing Satin; the Shashi basin and plate golden painted
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Jingzhou City
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