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Mt. Cangyan Scenic Area
Mt. Cangyan Scenic Area: 
Hebei - Shijiazhuang; 
Travel in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Mt. Cangyan Scenic Area, with its peak of an altitude of 1000 meters, is located 80 kilometers southwest of the Shijiazhuang City. Covering an area of 63 square kilometers, this area is characterized by temples, pagodas and cypress trees, owning a reputation of "possessing all the elegance and grotesque of the five famous mountains in China".

Fuqing Temple, first built in the Sui Dynasty, is the magnum opus of the ancient structures on this mountain. It was said that it was the place where Princess Nanyang, daughter of Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty, practiced Buddhism. This temple, magnificent and grand in its structure, comprises Qianlou Hall, Temple of Princess Nanyang, Mt. Cangshan College, Wanxian Hall, Fenghui Hall, Make-Up Tower and Yuhuang Summit. Making good use of the topography, these buildings stand upright on the cliff, summit, or in the valley, being a remarkable masterpiece of China's ancient temple architectures.Qiaolou Hall (Bridge-Tower Hall) is the main structure of Fuqing Temple. Situated on a stone arch bridge which spans the cliffs, this hall is 70 meter above the ground and looks majestic and astonishing. Under the bridge are more than 360 stone stairs, resembling a Heavenly Ladder, lead up to the summit of the mountain.

Admission Fee:  40
Opening Hours: 09:10 to 16:00
Travel in Shijiazhuang
Mt. Cangyan Scenic Area
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