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Yan'an Pagoda
Yan'an Pagoda: 
Shaanxi - Yan'an; 
Travel in Yan'an, Shaanxi The Pagoda Hill is also known as "Jialingshan Hill". The ancient pagoda above the hill was built in the Tang dynasty (618-907), which was more than 1300 years ago. The pagoda itself is of octagonal structure with nine stories, and it is 44 meters high. There is a large bell nearby the pagoda, which was cast in the Ming dynasty.

Under the hill, there are lots of stone inscriptions left by cliff. The inscription with three large words in Lishu (official script), namely "Jialingshan", is the most famous one, which is an inscription by the director of the Yan'an prefecture, namely Fan Zhongyan (989-1052). Being buffeted by wind and rain for a long time, the writing was blurred, and it was re-carved at the beginning of the Ming dynasty. There also have eight large words of carved stone, namely "There are ten thousand armors and weaponries in mind", each word is two Chi (namely one third of a meter) long and two Chi wide. This is a high value set by the later generations on the military deployment made by Fan Zhongyan.

Admission Fee:  RMB 20
Opening Hours:  09:10 to 17:00
Recommended Time for a Visit: One hours
Bus Route: 1, 3
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